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Today’s lovely author is @AlixKelso and she tells us all about her Christmas book.


Alix Kelso

Title: A Wish At The Christmas Village
Author: Alix Kelso

1, Title: A Wish At The Christmas Village

2, Genre: Romance

3, Is this a stand alone story or part of a series? – This is book 3 in the Mrs Wishmore series, but each book can be read as a stand-alone.

4, Where is the book set? – The Cotswolds, in a pretty fictional village called Hollyford.

5, Who are the main characters? – Millie Dawson adores Christmas but is struggling to find her festive spirit while still grieving for her mother who passed away a year ago. Adam Carter wants nothing other than to skip Christmas after being dumped by his fiancé just weeks before their December wedding. When the mysterious Mrs Wishmore arrives in their lives just as the Hollyford Christmas Village festivities begin, lovely little miracles soon start happening…

6, What makes this book a festive treat? – It’s brimming with Christmas magic and good cheer! We have shy romance, friends who find love, hilarious antics from the Christmas Village organising committee, and a kindly guardian angel lady who helps heal broken hearts while sprinkling a little Christmas magic just where it’s needed!

7, What would you suggest are the ideal festive food and drink treats to accompany reading this book? – As there’s a sweetly funny scene involving the botched decorating of some gingerbread men, I recommend having a supply of these on hand for when you reach this part of the book (yum!).

Formats: Available at Amazon in Kindle ebook, in Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback.



Make a wish this Christmas…

A Christmas hope.
Millie Dawson adores Christmas, but it’s not easy feeling festive when she’s still grieving for her beloved mother. The twinkling lights and good cheer of the Hollyford Christmas Village might help her get into the spirit of the season, but she wishes she didn’t feel so alone in the world…

A Christmas heartbreak.
Adam Carter hates Christmas, thanks to his fiancé dumping him just weeks before their December wedding. He wishes he could ignore the whole month, but owning a busy gift shop in Hollyford makes that impossible, especially when the Christmas Village organising committee come calling…

A helping hand from a mysterious friend.
When Mrs Wishmore arrives in Hollyford, Millie is grateful for the older lady’s friendship while they help run the Christmas Village activities. There’s something strangely comforting about Doris Wishmore, and Millie can’t help wondering if the enigmatic woman is some kind of Christmas guardian angel…

Can Millie find the happy Christmas she promised her mother she’d have? Can Adam let go of heartbreak and finally move on? And can Mrs Wishmore help two lonely strangers find friendship… and more?

All wishes are possible with love and hope… and a sprinkling of Christmas magic.

Join Mrs Wishmore for a heartwarming festive story filled with all the joy and wonder of Christmas.


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