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Kirstie Pelling, tell us about your book…

Publication day Q&A…
With Kirstie Pelling

Title: The Happiness Project

Genre: Romcom

What formats will be released today?
E book, audio book and print on demand.

Is this a stand alone story or part of a series? Stand alone.

What was the inspiration for the book?
A walk up a hill in the Lake District where my family were discussing what the world would be like if happiness and kindness were things that could be bought and sold.

What are the themes in the book?
How to be happy. The stresses of being ‘cancelled.’ The joys of the simple things in life like a good cup of coffee. And of course love. The Happiness Project includes the friends to lovers trope.

Where is the book set?
West London.

Tell us a bit about the main characters?
Daisy works in a hotel, enjoying success on the side with her popular social media hashtags and memes. Her only client Vince is an actor who lets her in but prefers to spend time with his own reflection. Joe is a blue eyed barista with a skill in latte art and Doodle the dog is a clumsy panda.

How are the early reviews looking?
Pre-publicity from Insta book tours brought a series of lovely and visually creative Instagram reviews. Thanks guys!

How will you spend publication day?
At my day job working with young people – my very own happy place.

THE BLURB: Daisy is determined to bring happiness into the lives of others, and as a happiness guru she has the skills to brighten everyone’s day. Well, she would if her fledgling business would take off. Instead she’s stuck cleaning hotel rooms for minimum wage with her best friend, Eva.But after a chance encounter with superstar celebrity Vince Marino, Daisy’s client list starts taking shape. With her career on the up, and her lodgers settled in – including Doodle, the scruffiest dog in the world – it’s time for Daisy to tackle the final piece of the puzzle. Her love life.Local barista Joe has been flashing his gorgeous blue eyes at her for months now, but he doesn’t seem to feel the same spark. Can Daisy turn her happiness tactics on herself to put her heart on the line? Or does she risk having it broken in the process?A fun and heart-warming romance novel – perfect for fans of Meghan Quinn, Lindsey Kelk and Portia MacIntosh.


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