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(Part 1) Jodie Homer

Jodie Homer.

  1. Title: A Magical Christmas on the Isle of Skye
  2. Genre: Mythical romance, holiday romance, feel-good chick lit
  3. Is this a stand alone story, or part of a series?
    This is actually the 1st in the ‘For the love of a Scottish myth’ series. A 4 book romance series set in Scotland (different parts)
  4. Who are the main characters?
    The main characters are called Emilia and Harry. Harry is named after my youngest son.
    Emilia and Harry have been best friends their entire lives and went to school together. There’s a mixture of new Scottish villagers and their mutual friends characters and some are very colourful ❤️
  5. What makes this book a festive treat?
    It’s set in December and Harry and Emilia enjoy the festivities while trying to figure out why they are in a time loop. Festivities include; carol singing, watching children in the choir and a light switch on with an interesting reindeer walk.
  6. What would you suggest are the ideal food and drink festive treats to enjoy with this book?
    something warm like a warm mince pie or snowflake Christmas cookie. Anything chocolatey and definitely the biggest hot chocolate with whipped cream, sprinkles and a flake (bonus if it’s chocolate orenge flavour)

FORMATS AVAILABLE: Ebook and paperback

BOOK BLURB: It takes a village to fall in love.Set in Scotland, on the Isle of Skye, we meet Harry and Emilia, who have always been best friends, well, until they complicated everything by sleeping together.Drunk and alone on New Year’s Eve, Emilia phones up the TV’s psychic and spills out all of her sorrows.When her friends propose to stay in a cabin in the middle of nowhere for Christmas, Emilia jumps at the chance, but the atmosphere quickly dampens when Harry announces his girlfriend will be joining them. What will happen to Harry and Emilia’s relationship when they discover the island is full of old myths and a time loop they just can’t escape from?

Sounds good? Buy it now…

A Magical Christmas on the Isle of Skye (For the love of a Scottish myth Book 1)


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